PhatNotes Professional Edition 5.3

Powerful notes application for cross-platform use


  • Adds loads of features to note taking
  • Multiple databases
  • File attachments in notes


  • Advanced configuration a bit fiddly

Very good

PhatWare have a history of finding a weak spot in Microsoft’s Pocket PC software, and developing a new application which not only fills the gap but adds new features you’ll never live without again. PhatNotes continues this fine tradition by improving Microsoft’s barely-there Notes support while also replacing Pocket Word in the process.

Notes are, to this reviewer at least, one of those functions you’d expect that your PDA could really handle: after all, how much use is a Pocket PC that can’t adequately handle note-taking tasks? However, Microsoft’s built in support for Notes is so prohibitively designed that many users find they use it once then forget all about it.

PhatNotes brings power and multi-functionality to Notes. PhatNotes allows you to set up multiple databases of notes, each with multiple categories, which sync automatically when you connect your Pocket PC to your main computer. This makes it easy to categorize and sort your notes in a simple and convenient manner. Or, if you choose, select and drag text from any drag’n’drop friendly application (Firefox, for example) straight into PhatNotes’ desktop application, and in seconds, it’s saved to your PDA. Similarly, PhatNotes supports Microsoft Word documents on its own. As far as we could discern, there were no key features missing from this support. Indeed, PhatNotes has arguably the better interface.

In its basic functions, PhatNotes is easy to use, quick and reliable, but in some more complex operations, we found it a little less intuitive. Synchronising attachments (image files, for example) seemed like a useful function to have. It would be nice to quickly and simply add a map or a photo to a note which you’re taking with you on the road.

While the documentation provided with PhatNotes helped us set up attachment syncing in minutes, the feature itself is somewhat lacking. Any file you wish to attach to a note must already be in the shared documents folder for your device on your desktop PC. In other words, it pretty much already needs to be on your handheld. With the leaps and bounds being made in storage these days, we think that the time has come for programs like PhatNotes to automatically handle this sort of task. A feature we’d like to see in the future is attaching any file on your desktop PC to a note, and PhatNotes automatically making a copy of that file in your sync folder. After all, surely the general idea here is automation, not making the user check whether a file is in some folder.

Another gripe, though with potentially less impact, is the process for deleting databases. It would seem obvious that if you wanted to delete a database, you could select it (either on the PDA or the desktop computer), select ‘delete’ from a context menu, confirm and that’s it. However, PhatNotes asks us to disconnect our Pocket PC, delete the database on both it and the desktop, and then reconnect. This ungainly process could easily be automated, if necessary with a special warning, or an option to leave the database on the pocket PC, desktop PC or neither.

It is what PhatNotes brings to the table though which should be remembered. Despite the trouble with attachments and databases (features which Microsoft hasn’t even tried to include), are tempered by a very simple and enjoyable user experience with the more basic of its features. This program offers lots now, and hints at more to come… just like the developer that created it.

PhatNotes Professional Edition is an award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows-powered Pocket PCs, Desktop PCs and Palm OS powered mobile devices. PhatNotes allows users to create notes and organize them by type, subject, creation and modification date. PhatNotes provides powerful text search, document security, and email capabilities. Interface to the Contacts Database enables quick access to email addresses and contact information.

The new release of PhatNotes Professional Edition offers many new features including rich text editing and formatting, file attachments, hyperlinks between notes, multiple notes database support with tree-like views, hierarchical notes organizer, integration with PhatPad, customizable views, user reminders, a spell checker, HTML export capability with support for customized templates, and more.

Benefits and features of Phatnotes include:

Organize your notes

By clicking on the column header buttons you can sort notes by creation date, modification date, subject and type


Export and import notes as text files or transfer data to and from other applications using copy and paste


Small size of the program and compressed database leaves plenty of storage space


Protect notes from unauthorized access with a password

Simple User Interface

Intuitive user interface allows you to start using PhatNotes right away

Email capability

Send email messages directly from the Note Editor by clicking on the Send Mail button

Customizable Views

Provides a wide range of modifiable look and feel settings

Advanced Filters and Text Search

Allows a user to search one or more notes databases for a specific text or a regular expression, and filter by text, creation, modification, authoring dates, color, and priority

ActiveSync support

Allows synchronization of multiple notes databases with the desktop PC

Microsoft Outlook Support

Import or export Microsoft Outlook notes and email messages

Hierarchical Notes Organizer

Allows a user to group notes by creation or modification dates, type, color, and priority

PhatNotes Professional Edition allows synchronization of notes located in multiple database, links between notes, file attachments and hierarchy of databases between Windows Powered mobile devices and desktop PCs. PhatNotes Professional Edition also supports Palm OS powered mobile devices.



PhatNotes Professional Edition 5.3

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